The sum of what Love can do - 23 April 2019

Hennie Symington

… he humbled himself and became obedient to death ‒ even death on the cross. Philippians. 2:8b

Let these days be sacred. This Eastertime, make a point of shoring up the many happy moments you experience every day, to savour as little gifts from God’s hand. This season is after all the crown of the Christian calender where a sacred tableau of betrayal, love and regeneration are acted out annually for two thousand and nineteen years.

Be aware that, as each day has its share of evil, so too, each day has its share of joy. You can choose to continue your journey to nowhere, or you can enjoy what each new day brings, in the knowledge that Christ died to reconcile you not only with him, but also your nearest and dearest, your neighbour, your boss, your kids, your fellow citizens, as well as your parents and friends.

Love makes the difference. The moment the enemy succeeds in killing Christ, Christ turns the tables and defeats evil, making the crucifixion the crossroads in history ‒ i.e. the time before Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and life afterwards.

We know that we, like Christ, will be faced with the journey from life into death. Therefore, live your life knowing that each day has its share of joy and its share of evil. You can choose to pursue your journey to nowhere, or to enjoy each day in the knowledge that Christ died for you, and secondly, that the Resurrection announces eternity in the presence of God.

Prayer: Lord, you are merciful, patient and full of love for you children with their short memories and endless complaints. Give us clarity to perceive your love and care in our daily lives. Amen

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