God’s time is not our time - 8 April 2019

Hennie Symington

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Are you a human or a rat on a ratchet?

This is a very relevant question for many of us who or overburdened with work, and with too little time to accomplish all of it. My grandma always said: “Nothing gets done by sitting and standing.”How many hours of sleep do you forego every night to cope with all the responsibilities of a career, the family, home, marriage, the church and the demands of your community.

Here is a bit of comfort for the overburdened and the fed-up: God’s time is different from out time. He is not imprisoned in a framework of twenty-four hours, sixty minutes or even sixty seconds. What’s more, the past and the future do not limit God. In God’s time, our time overlaps with eternity, and includes the past and the future. However, God does not expect of us to understand our time, let alone God’s time. Yet at times we are afforded a glimpse of eternity when we experience God’s presence in very special way – sometimes during a church service, sometimes next to an open grave, and sometimes in happy moments together with your loved ones.

God often uses the unexpected to release us from the fetters of time. When someone suddenly gets ill and dies, time stands still. This pause in our busy lives is God’s way of reminding us of being alive here and now. God wants us to be aware of every moment on earth, precisely because time is so fleeting.

Prayer: Lord, we think we own time when in fact, it is a precious gift from you, the Maker of time. Teach us to use our time, wisely to pursue wisdom. Amen

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