Let God lead you - 28 August 2018

Neville Turley

“Don't give in to worry or anger; it only leads to trouble.”  Psalm 37:8 (GNB)

Jonah’s anger at God was unrighteous.  He admits to God that he knows God is loving, merciful, patient and kind. He is angry that God’s intention when he sent him to Nineveh was not to punish the people. God wanted a response of love and obedience from the Ninevites so that their sins could be forgiven.

Jonah was convinced that the people of Nineveh should be punished. He, under God’s instruction, had gone to Nineveh and told them that would happen and now God had forgiven them.

His one prophecy to them had been proven wrong and Jonah could not handle the damage to his pride. He wished he was dead.

Often in corridors of power in our own society, people make decisions that they are not authorized to do at their level. When their decisions are queried and repudiated, they are hurt and feel hard done by.

Jonah was in a similar position. He was God’s messenger, not God.  The fate of Nineveh rested in God’s hands alone.

Jonah had yet to accept that God has a master plan in which we all have specific roles to play.

Jonah had fulfilled a crucial role in turning the people to a life in God’s service. Centuries later our Lord Jesus Christ, in reprimanding the evil and godless people of his day, would acknowledge what Jonah had done. “On Judgement Day the people of Nineveh will stand up and accuse you because they turned from their sins when they heard Jonah preach.” (Matthew 12:41)

God is sovereign, but people are not robots, they do have free will. So, it is possible for us in a temper tantrum to do what Jonah did, shake our fists in the face of God to express our anger. 

The best way to know God’s plan for our life is not to take matters in our own hands but to humbly remain in daily fellowship with him. He will show us the way.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to always be aware of your all-inclusive love for all people everywhere.  For Jesus sake. Amen

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