Jonah admits his guilt - 7 August 2018

Neville Turley

“…Those who are completely honest will be allowed to serve me.”  Psalm 101:6 (GNT)

The storm continued to rage unabated. The sailors knew there was nothing more they could do to save the ship and themselves. They had prayed to their gods to no avail, in desperation they decided to draw lots to decide if anyone on board was responsible for their plight. 

The lot pointed to Jonah. So, they went to Jonah for an explanation. He freely admitted that he was the cause of their problem.

“I am a Hebrew,” he testified. “I worship the Lord, the God of heaven who made land and sea.” (Jona 1:9) He told them he was fleeing from his God. The crew was shocked by Jonah’s admission and told him that deserting his God was a terrible thing to do. The storm continued to beat down on the ship and the sailors, at their wits end, asked Jonah what they should do.

Jonah did not lack courage. He was honest with the crew and he knew that he and he alone was to blame for the storm. He told the sailors the only way to save the ship and themselves would be to throw him overboard. If they did so, the storm would cease.

The sailors were reluctant to send Jonah to his death. They decided instead to row hard for the land. However, the strength of the wind and waves were too strong, and they could make no headway.

They realised there was nothing more they could do. So, turning to Jonah’s God, they begged him to forgive them even as they threw Jonah overboard.

At once the storm subsided. The awesome power of Jonah’s God terrified the sailors.  They offered a sacrifice and promised to serve him. 

Jonah’s life was in a spiritual mess, yet God used him to point out the way of salvation to the ship’s crew. Thanks to Jonah’s testimony and their obedient response, God in his mercy saved their lives and souls.

What a wonderful God we serve. No matter our circumstances, we should never hesitate to share our testimony with others for we never know what blessings may result.

Prayer: Lord use me as a signpost to show others the way in Jesus name.  Amen

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