PARABLES DAY 17 - 24 May 2018

Ben Fouire.

“For all those who make themselves great will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be made great.” Luke 14:11

In this chapter from Luke we read how Jesus healed a man who was suffering from swollen arms and legs. The Pharisees with their myriad of laws looked down their noses at other people and usually categorized them according to their possessions, status and especially their religious standing. In their eyes Jesus was not very high on the social ladder.

In spite of this a leading pharisee invited Jesus for a meal on the day of the Sabbath, probably out of curiosity to hear his preaching. The miracle healing happened at the meal. Some of the pharisees that were present frowned upon what was happening but refrained from any comment. Right after the healing they moved to the table and Jesus saw how some of the guests chose the best places.

He then told the parable of the wedding guests who did not wait for the host to seat them but arrogantly chose the best places. For this story Jesus actually used a similar idea from the Old Testament. In Proverbs 25:6-7 we read: “When you stand before the king, don’t try to impress him and pretend to be important. It is better to be asked to take a higher position than to be told to give your place to someone more important.”

The parable is not about being modest. What Jesus wants to emphasize is that life is not about how you see yourself, but how you look in the eyes of God. It is the privilege of the host to assign seats. Does this mean that in his kingdom some believers are more important than others, maybe because of their stronger faith. No! That is not the message of this parable. Nowhere in the Bibles do we find any mention that God has favourites. When God looks at us, he does not see our good works or our good way of living, God only sees the blood of his Son who died on the cross for us.

Prayer: Thank you that my place in the Kingdom is not determined by who I am, but by who You are.  Amen

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