Ewald Schmidt 

There is … a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them. Ecclesiastes 3:1a,5a, NIV
When is there a time to scatter stones? Well, David has used such an opportunity to scatter stones and conquered Goliath in the process …
To scatter stones is to make time to create some order in your life. In biblical times, you may have bought a new piece of land. You may have had the desire to plant a vineyard or prepare the ground to plant some wheat or vegetables. The first step would be to get rid of all the bigger rocks scattered around on your property. It would have taken a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to get rid of all the rocks and smaller stones. Finally, you would have cleared the ground enough to be able to plant your crop.
This image also works for most other parts of our lives. When you want to reach a dream or complete a task, you need to pay attention to all the challenges and hindrances on your way. It does not simply disappear; somebody has to get rid of it. In your life, there will be times where you need to get rid of the stones in your land, so that you may plant and grow your crop.
There are also times when we need to gather stones. In the Old Testament, we read of piles of stones – altars erected as a place of remembrance. One such example is found in Josua 4:1-9, where the tribe of Israel reached the Promised Land. An altar was erected to remind the people: we were here and God has provided for us.
There are a lot of places in the world where people have farmed on the same piece of land for generations. These people took the stones and rocks they gathered, and built fences around their vineyards and fields. It shows where their boundaries are located and protects their sheep against the wolves. Since the beginning of time, people also gathered stones to build their homes and pyramids. When you are building with stone, you are building for the ages to come. You are not only taking care of your own needs, but also for the generations to come. It is hard work, but the result speaks of love and care. In every generation, we need to build for the future as well. We need to take care of our loved ones; we need to protect them against the storms of the future. Therefore, we build with stones, building on the foundation of the Rock of Ages!
Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving me the ability to create order out of my chaos. Show me the stones and rocks that I need to remove in my life. Give me the strength to cast away those stones that do not belong. Thank you that you are also my Provider, taking care of my future. Help me to build with stone, on the Rock of Ages as my foundation. Thank you for taking care of my loved ones! Amen.