Mims Turley 

"I keep my promise for thousands of generations and forgive evil and sin; but I will not fail to punish children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation for the sins of their parents." Exodus 34:7, GNT
I don't know about you, but I think most of us have done something in the past that we regret. I find it difficult and sometimes overwhelming to believe that God has forgiven and forgotten the sins I've confessed. In Jeremiah 31:34 we read: "I will forgive their sins and I will no longer remember their wrongs." We believe in a God who forgives sins and it is, therefore, not necessary for us to feel guilty or ashamed of the things we have confessed.
In the Bible, God also tells us about the method he uses to forgive our sins. In the New Testament, we meet his son, Jesus Christ, the person whom God sent to die on the cross for our sins. "For Christ died for sins once and for all, a good man on behalf of sinners, in order to lead you to God." (1 Peter 3:18) God sent his son to us because he is a forgiving Father.
Our verse for today tells us that our Father is a just God. Everything God does is right and good, and therefore, he cannot ignore sin. Jesus came to die for the sins of the world, but those who ignore this act of love and refuse to accept it will, unfortunately (an unpopular and uncomfortable statement), have to endure the punishment and judgement of God.
When we look back at Exodus, we learn from Moses that it is not only necessary to know the qualities of God the Father, but that he also expects a response from us. After God had revealed all these attributes of the Father to him through powerful words, Moses "quickly bowed down to the ground and worshipped". (Exodus 34:8) Let us show respect to God: "Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him." (Hosea 6:3, NIV)
"I believe in God the Father ..."
Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to get to know you better every day. Thank you for being a Father who forgives our sins and forgets about them. Thank you that your Son also died for me. Amen