Charlea Grey 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.” John 1:5, GNT
Our good friends’ baby boy was born about three months premature. He was in the neo-natal intensive care unit for a very long time and, at times, it really didn’t go well. His parents were tired and worried, but they are very religious and kept believing. We all prayed together. Two days after his original date of birth, the baby boy was discharged and he was finally able to go home with his parents. It was a joyful day!
Yes, life is not easy. I can see how the people around me are struggling more and more to keep their heads above water – financially, emotionally and psychologically. Of course, our circumstances are all different; everyone has different problems and things that keep them awake, but most people I know experience enormous pressure of one kind or another during this time.
We must hold on to the knowledge that Jesus came to earth to be a light for us. He is still that light, no matter what the circumstances may be. We must not allow the darkness to take over. There are still good things that happen, miracles that change people’s lives.
In John 8:12 (GNT), we read: “Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again. ‘I am the light of the world,’ he said. ‘Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.’ ”
We need to remind each other to keep looking out for that light.
Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for being the light in this dark world. We praise you for that! Help me to see your hand around me and remember that your light will never be put out by darkness. Amen