Charlea Grey 

“Share your belongings with your needy fellow Christians, and open your homes to strangers.” Romans 12:13, GNT
It is always nice to look forward to a weekend when you know something special or exciting is going to happen – a get together with loved ones, a hike, a nice braai or time to relax. Yet, not everyone looks forward to weekends. For some people, it is a lonely time and other people have to work long shifts.
Likewise, a new week does not bring joy to everyone. Not everyone is happy at work and for many people, a new week is an uphill battle for various reasons. We also live in a time in which we are extremely aware of our country’s problems, where we are confronted with hardship and sadness daily.
Do things just feel too much for you, at times? Are your own challenges and the hardships around you just one too many? It feels that way to me, sometimes.
I often think of the Afrikaans musician, Karen Zoid’s song “As Musiek Begin Speel”. The song, which was released about 11 years ago, was written for her son and it is one of my favourite songs. She sings:
“En as jy ooit voel / Die lewe is net een groot gesuffer / Reik jou hande uit / En help ʼn ander / Met minder / As jy / Gaan maak iemand bly / Want dan sal jy / Altyd kan saam sing / As die musiek begin speel / En dans in / Die somer se reën ...”
Isn’t this true? When we are good to other people, we feel good. It is satisfying and fulfilling if you know you can mean something to someone else, if you can make a small difference in someone’s life or even just their day. It doesn’t always have to be money-related; there are many ways to do good to others.
In Romans 12, believers are told how to live. We are encouraged to love fellow believers and do good to them. However, the Lord also asks that we be kind to strangers. We are encouraged to reach out. In verse 9, we read: “Hate what is evil, hold on to what is good.”
Shouldn’t we start doing good to others while things are really bad? There are many places and people who need help. And who knows, maybe it will snowball over time.
Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to do something good for other people. Use me in times of need and hardship to bring joy to someone else, to reflect your love. Amen