Charlea Grey

Do not be like the people of this world. Ask God to change you completely so that you will think what He wants you to think. Then you will do things which God wants you to do, good things that please Him and that are completely right.” Romans 12:2, EBD
It seems to me, the older I get, the faster a year goes by. In February, the shops are already full of chocolate Easter bunnies. Next, is the church bazaar, Mother’s Day, winter and by September, I feel like the year is over.
As time went by faster and faster, I became more aware of its value. Dates and special events with family and friends have so much more meaning. I cherish the memories. I now prioritise time with the people who are important to me.
The irony is that I am just as guilty of wasting time. I often sit on the couch for hours and scroll mindlessly through social media. I look at videos or photos of other people. It doesn’t really entertain me and it doesn’t even inform me about anything meaningful. Before I blink, ten minutes have passed. This is time that I could have used better.
Yes, I know we all sometimes want to switch off and not think about anything. However, sometimes we need the silliness and entertainment that social media offers.
I think we should try to focus more on how we spend our time. And we must make time for God. If we spend more time with God, then there is more time to learn about him and ourselves. Quality time helps us to deepen our relationships with other people and so will it deepen our relationship with our heavenly Father. It can also help us to understand what he wants for each of us.
Prayer: Dear Lord, help me not to get caught up in the daily rush. Help me to make time for you. Thank you for always having time for me. Amen