Benescke Janse van Rensburg 

The students of the Methodist Asbury University in Kentucky, America, gathered for the morning service in the chapel on campus on Wednesday, February 8. After the choir sang their last song a young man stood up and started to confess his sin out loud. At that moment a divine presence of the Holy Spirit descended on the building. It was so intense and noticeable that none of the students wanted to leave the building. They stood and praised and prayed. More and more people joined.
By this weekend it had already been 12 days since this first service. People all over the world are travelling to Kentucky to be part of what is now known as the Asbury Revival where they sing, pray and preach 24/7.
What strikes me of this movement is that there are no celebrity pastors involved. No one is trying to steal the spotlight. There is no manipulation or pride involved. The focus remains on God. They describe the revival as: “A group of ordinary people with an extraordinary hunger for God.” Hundreds of young people already came to salvation since the start of the revival.
The event made me think of the words of James 4:8: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." (ESV)
God still honours his word. When a group of ordinary people approach him with an extraordinary hunger for him, he shows up in unprecedented ways. God bless.
Prayer: Father God, thank you that I can experience a relationship with you. Please forgive me of (name if there is sin you are aware of). I want to experience more of you. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
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