Benescke Janse van Rensburg

Karlien Coetzee, a financial advisor from Bloemfontein's 4-year-old boy, Ethan, had a supernatural experience last year:
Karlien: "In March last year, our boy, Ethan, started having trouble keeping food down. His abdomen also kept swelling. We went to the pediatrician, after which a number of tests followed. It was an extremely challenging time for us as a family, as doctors could not pinpoint the cause of the problem.
"One morning, close to tears, I sat at work and prayed: 'Lord, please guide us, because we don't know what to do anymore.' I could see that my child was suffering. An hour later, a client (who is also a cardiologist) called me. During our conversation he asked how things were going. After I told him about Ethan's situation, he asked that I forward him some of the test results. Minutes later he called me back with the news that he had made an appointment for us with a team of doctors and professors at the Red Cross hospital in Cape Town.
"After an MRI scan of Ethan's abdomen in Cape Town, it was discovered that the food was not moving from his stomach to his intestine. He had to be operated on. Ethan started having bad dreams. So much so, that we began to pray intensely for his spiritual protection.
"The day of the operation, Ethan was restless again. All I could do was play spiritual music and pray for him. It calmed him. The operation was long and he slept most of the day after the operation. I was only able to speak to him that evening. When I prayed for him to have good dreams, he stopped me and said that he was probably going to have bad dreams again. I told him: 'Ethan, Jesus gives us a choice. Choose to dream of Jesus.' Right there he prayed: 'Jesus, can I dream of you tonight?' We went to sleep.
"At 01:00 that night I was startled awake by an incredibly bright light in the room. The light was so bright I could hardly open my eyes. Within seconds the light was gone. I sat up to see if everything was okay with Ethan. He sat on the bed with a smile on his face with the words, 'Mommy, I dreamed of Jesus.' Relieved, we fell asleep again.
"A few days later I asked Ethan what exactly he had dreamed about Jesus. He looked at me saying: 'No mom, I wasn't dreaming. Jesus was in the room with me. He came and sat on the bed with me. I asked him what Jesus wore. According to Ethan, Jesus wore a white top and a red jacket and told him: 'Get well now.'
"During our follow-up visit to Cape Town, we slept in the same room in the hospital. This time Ethan told my husband the story word for word (see video below). The test results show that there is improvement in Ethan’s body. We can't help but praise God for this miracle that Ethan experienced. He truly answers every prayer in his time."
Karlien is right. God honours faith like a child. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus says: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (NIV) May we begin to demonstrate faith like a child in our relationship with God. God bless.
Prayer: Father God, thank you so much for hearing my prayers. Please help me today (state your situation). I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
See video of Ethan telling the story: Facebook:
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