I trust in God, I shall not be shaken - 11 September 2018

Ewald Schmidt

A song of ascents. Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.” Psalm 125:1-2 (NIV)

Remember that this is a song of ascents – a pilgrim’s song when believers travelled to Mount Zion. They have left their normal, everyday lives behind to walk through a dangerous world on a spiritual quest. Enemies could attack at any time, and criminals were always planning their ambushes. In the background of this song, there is the reality of life in a broken world, and of suffering caused by people who do not walk the path of the Lord. It is dangerous travelling through this world on the journey with God. Where does the pilgrim choose to fix his eyes? On the dangers of life, and to always live in fear of what might happen? Or does he choose to trust in the Lord, for all the protection he needs to endure on the journey until the end?

On a pilgrimage, there is ample time to examine your own life. Psalm 125 requires us to take the time to rethink the foundation on which we build our lives. We are invited to put our trust in the Lord. When the ancient pilgrims reached Jerusalem, they would see how Mount Zion reached out above the city. It looked rock solid, dependable. In history, they could destroy the temple itself, but Mount Zion stood fast during the ages. So is the Lord – dependable, rock solid as the foundation on which to build your life.

Do you fear other danger on the way of life? As the pilgrims neared ancient Jerusalem, they would see the mountains surrounding the city. These mountains protected the city against extreme weather, and made it much more difficult for attacking armies to conquer the city. As these mountains surround Jerusalem, so the arms of the Lord are spread around those who trust in him.

The protection of the Lord happens in this world, even whilst there is danger around us. We still live in a broken world that brings suffering and misery. We are not always able to control the things that could happen in our lives. But we are always able to control how we choose to react and behave in these troubled times. It is not God’s way for us to live in fear every day. As pilgrims on the journey of life, this song invites us to put our trust in the Lord, to seek his mercy and grace for every step we take. We do not always feel safe. There are still a lot of criminals doing their deeds. Verse 4 calls on us to make our lives a journey of prayer. With this psalm we keep on asking God to be good to us who trust in him. We ask him to surround us with his protection like the mountains that surround Jerusalem.

Prayer: Lord, we are aware of dangers along our journey of life. We see the hurt caused by the evil intentions of people who do not follow you. But today we choose not to live in fear. We choose to trust in you alone. Please surround us with your mighty arms, and keep evil from harming us and those we love. May your peace and your grace drive all fear away in our lives. Amen

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